BULLYING IN 9-1-1    (Cheryl Greathouse – Excel 9-1-1 Training and Professional Services)

This training program takes a realistic look of everyday life within a 9-1-1 PSAP and confronts the reality that bullying can and does occur within the walls of your PSAP; and it can be just as harmful there as it can be on the school playground...in some cases, more so!  We will discuss bullying, intimidation and some key factors that present an environment ripe for bullying.  Discussions will also center on how to prevent or stop it from happening in your PSAP and how to recover staff morale in a positive manner.

DISPATCH DANGER ZONES   (Cheryl Greathouse – Excel 9-1-1 Training and Professional Services)

This interactive session presents information to telecommunicators about dispatch danger zones which affect call takers and dispatchers and which could lead to serious errors in the PSAP.  We will discuss solutions and tips and tricks to avoid falling victim to these very realistic and sometimes dangerous mistakes.

GENERATIONAL ISSUES AT WORK   (Cheryl Greathouse – Excel 9-1-1 Training and Professional Services)

This session is designed to provide insight into the influence that multi-generational dynamics can have on team effectiveness within the 9-1-1 environment.  The presentation will include information on the characteristics of the four generations that exist in communications centers today and the stages of group or team dynamics.  Discussions will also focus on how to establish the fundamental base for building a multi-generational, high-functioning public safety communications team.


VERBAL JUDO   (Truman Tolson, Training Officer  – Missoula City Police Department)

*****Lisa Kelly explores the facts and myths about deployed Text-to-9-1-1 PSAPs and their experiences.  She will discuss current legislation and requirements for wireless providers.  She will also examine what some of the carriers are deploying in the early phases and what the future may hold, including some opportunities that may be available in Montana.

SEX TRAFFICKING INVESTIGATIONS   (Detective Guy Baker – Missoula City Police Department)

This presentation will help the attendee gain a more comprehensive understanding of the crime of sex trafficking, recognize common indicators to identify the victims and learn techniques to effectively investigate these crimes in their own communities.  Most people believe modern day slavery is a crime that only occurs in foreign countries or large cities in other states, when it’s actually happening in numerous cities across the state of Montana.  Baker will enlighten attendees to the unfortunate realities faced by the victims of this criminal epidemic that ranks second, only to the illegal drug trade, as the largest international crime industry in the world today.

CJIN – WHAT’S NEW AND WHAT’S CHANGING   (Brian Frost, CJIN Training and Development Specialist – Montana Department of Justice, Division of Criminal Investigation)

CJIN’s presentation will cover CJIN updates within the last year.  During this two-hour presentation, we will explore the current CJIN message switch and how the switch operates.  We will also discuss should we change switches – what CJIN users can expect to see on their end.  We will also cover the current CJIN client, Omnixx 5.3 and discuss its replacement in depth.  During the new client demonstration, we will cover login, differences, similarities and training.