Helena/ Lewis and Clark County 911 Center

Department:Police - Support Services

Job Status:Full-Time

Rate of Pay:$18.3142/hr -starting

Position Type:Regular

Status:Accepting applications

Details:Open until positions are filled.

Job Purpose

The City of Helena is recruiting to fill vacancy(s) in the 9-1-1 Communications Center. This job is like no other job you've ever held. The career appeals to people who have a passion for helping others, enthusiastic about a fast-paced stress-filled working environment, and who want to make a difference in the community. Successful candidates must have the ability to respond quickly and appropriately to emergent and non-emergent situations, will have great attention to detail, and will provide unmatched customer service. This is a career path for individuals who are ready to dedicate themselves to intensive training for a career with a great team and incredible reward. 

Work Schedule

During the training period (approx. 14-16 weeks), a successful applicant will work various shifts and rotate on a frequent basis. After the training period, an employee should anticipate being assigned to a rotating work schedule. Since the Communication Center is operational 24/7, the applicant must be willing to work weekends, holidays and all shifts. Employees will rotate shifts once every four months. Due to the demands of the profession, an employee must be available to work mandatory overtime on regularly scheduled workdays and/or outside assigned shifts. Additional hourly compensation is provided to employees working afternoon or night shifts. 

See the complete listing on the City of Helena web page - http://www.helenamt.gov/hr/employment/cco.html