The Montana APCO Conference will be held at the Delta Hotel Helena Colonial Hotel in Helena, MT on Oct. 9-11 2019. Don’t miss this excellent Training Opportunity!

This year we are doing things a little different with a post conference class.  We are honored to have the 911 Training Institute coming to Montana.  Jim Marshall is even coming to teach the classes. The Post conference class will be an 8 hour class on Survive and Thrive on October 11.  The Post conference training will cost $240.00. 

What you’ll gain:

Fascinating and empowering new insights to master acute, traumatic, and chronic stress, Compassion Fatigue AND The Sleep/Stress Dynamic

Extraordinary conversation with your 9-1-1 peers about the life you share and how to make it better for everyone’s sake

Personal skills and tools you can build into your daily life to prevent and manage these negative stress impacts

"In-the-moment” strategies to manage your distress (and the caller's!) during 9-1-1 calls ranging from the most annoying to most potentially traumatic

A fresh and more encouraging Big Picture of your profession and a personal game plan for you as a person and professional to live and enjoy your life to the fullest

You’ll also discover tools to build great 9-1-1 relationships:

• Recognize and the Stress-driven Toxic Relationship Dynamics that drive workplace conflict, damage morale, and poison relationships

• Learn how to conquer these toxic dynamics to create a 9-1-1 Culture of Respect by using keys to healthy team functioning

• Apply new skills and insights to help you shape healthier relationships in your PSAP and at home


October 9th

  Jim Marshall will be our key note speaker with a 4 hour interactive presentation on Peer Support.  This is not only for 9-1-1 but also for IT and vendors to attend. 


 Here’s what you’ll experience in this unique course

Learn the importance and power of 911 Peer Support for the dispatcher and the center's daily life together

Discover how practicing Peer Support can decrease toxic, draining gossip and boost more positive energy in the comm center

Get equipped to come alongside peers so they will feel truly heard and respected

Gain psychological knowledge and personal readiness to offer peer support

Understand the benefits & limitations of lay peer support, what it is and what it is not

Clarify the critical importance of confidentiality and how to honor it in complicated situations

Learn when & how to refer and guide peers to professional assistance


The afternoon of the 9th and on October 10th we will have break-out sessions. Some of them include NG911 RTT in 911 and basic sign language, Human trafficking, Radio mutual aid and social media, Domestic Violence-strangulation training with more classes in the works

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